Saturday, December 16, 2017

Millard Ayo is an example of successful blogger

Today I want to talk about Millard Ayo as an example of successful blogger from Tanzania. Millard Ayo is the name of clouds Media presenter who created the blog and started to publish news that he presents on Radio clouds. This man is very popular in Tanzania he gets more than 300000  views per day to his blog This is a successful blogger from Tanzania.
millard ayo the successful blogger

There is another success bloggers including jamiiforums and more but millard ayo is the best blogger. These bloggers won the blogging game because they used the formula of  advertising appropriately. we need to advertise our blogs so that we get enough followers and make money from ads that we place on our blogs

This Millardayo the successful blogger if he  put adsense on his blog he may make not leas of USD 50 per day for 300,000 views per day. We do not see adsense ads on his blog but he has an app that is linked to his blog and to that app there are admob ads on it. admob is the adnetwork of google inc it is adsense for mobile apps. It pays like adsense according to alexa rank it is in top five it mean when we compare sites that gets many views than others millard ayo is on top five. This is very good position in search engine ranks. The blog gets many views from search engine that is organic search or organic traffic. Now we can learn something from this Millard ayo the successful blogger from Tanzania