Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Increase blog revenues by creating you tube channel

You can increase blog revenues by creating you tube channel.  We get revenues from a blog by selling ads like google adsense or other ad networks like Millionaire Ads or chitika or infolinks. In the next post I will tech you how to get those ads like Millionaire ads,chitika, adsense and infolinks. The number one ad network is google adsense this pays more than all ad-networks in the world according to me.

Now you can increase blog revenues by creating you tube channel it is simple to create you tube channel as far as you have videos for uploading to your you tube channel. You need to have good standing smartphone or computer with video camera. If you have smartphone there is no need for video camera since you can use your smartphone  to take various videos and upload direct using you tube app.
 Grabilla screen capture:
you tube channel

What should you consider before creating you tube channel? This is important to ask your self and get answers before you create your you tube channel. The answers should be or including these You needd to know where you will be recording videos is from kitchen parts, wedding ceremony or tutorial videos or any  After you get which will be the source of getting videos now think of type of your channel you creating that will resemble with the videos you upload. Example if your you tube channel videos will be uploading the videos you record from wedding ceremonies your channel name and description should look like wedding channel

How to monetize your you tube channel? There are some methods or ways you can use to monetize your you tube channel like talking to big business entities or companies so that they provide you shot video advertisements that you can insert when you edit your video clips or use that that advert as end screen for every video you upload to your you tube channel.

The second method is applying for adsense for you tube. This is monetization program by google inc, People will be seeing google advertisements when they watch your videos.This program pays you for every ad impression or click depending to the advertiser choose. If an advertiser selects pay per click you get paid per click and if the advertiser selected pay per impressions you get paid per impressions. everything about ads is controlled by google. Your task is uploading vides and clicking monetize the video you uploaded.

Where can you get you tube video views? Some views you get by organic search from google each engine or you tube search bar. But some views you can get from your blog by embedding your videos on your blog. If those above will not give you quick results think of advertising your you tube channel or videos to other networks like millionaire ads This is how you can increase blog revenues by creating you tube channel