Friday, December 15, 2017

How to create a blog and serve google adsense

In Tanzania it is very difficult to get google adsense ads on a blog I will tell you the reason keep reading this article to learn more. Creating a blog is very simple you can create your blog in few seconds by clicking but the issue is getting ads that pay like google adsense. Lets go my topic starts here.

Let us know a little bit what is Google adsense and what are the benefits of joining this google adsense program. In summary Google adsense is ad network that is owned by google inc. Adsense ads are shown on blogs and other google sites like google seach engines and other google partner sites. Once you get google adsense account you will be among of all google partners. You will show good ads from google. See screen shot how nice they look like
google adsense 
The above photo shows the example of google adsense ads. The banner with yellow allow that is an example of google ads that will show on your blog. Google adsense only is the best paying ad network in the world. There are some terms and conditions that you must accept when you join google adsense program. one of the terms you are not allowed to click on your own ads if you click it your account will be banned and you will not get another google adsense account in your life time. so must keep your account safe to stay with google and making money from your blog legitimately 

Now let us talk about how to create a blog that will be accepted for google adsense program. In Tanzania many blogs use swahili language so bloggers try to apply for adsense several times and they do not get approved This is the main reason why many blogs from Tanzania are not showing google ads and their blogs do not produce revenues. Once you need google adsense make sure you create a blog that you will be writing posts using english language not swahili and do not apply for adsense at the first time you create a blog but wait at least one month or two months so  that your blog meet the criteria of sufficient contents, If you apply very early you will will not be approved for the reason of in sufficient content . Keep reading this blog I will ad more suggestion on how to create a blog for google adsense i will be back